Resting Eye Monument | 2016

It was the first
according to someone else’s measured time
but the calendar was not marked for any annual observation.

The moon was not full
or empty.

The stars were in alignment (as they always are)

The cardinal points were not stationary.  Bodies dipped
in and out of pools of shattered light.

The cloaks were donned
the mask was on
the cages were open
and the alter/altar was set for demolition.

in the crepuscular light
it happened
like spring
or love
or some other precipitous awakening.

A sudden movement
that flipped the inside out
and from the peeled back layers we saw it slip
a reminder ...

You can make order out of chaos
for a time
but time is a circle
and order will always seek its shadow self.

A collaborative, unadvertised and cellular device free occurrance |Seattle, WA

35mm, Digital still & Polaroid images by THOi, Jessa Carter, Christopher Williams & Sohail Fazluddin. VHS footage by Lucien Pellegrin.

Creators / Performers: Ari Leigh, Alan Sutherland, Michele Andrews, Azure Andrews, Sam Anderson, Lucien Pellegrin, Zachary Self, Jennifer Hotes, Hanna Yohannes, Connor Goulding, Isabella DuGraf, Aarin Wright, Olisa Enrico, Daniel Blue, Prime Movers: THOi & Jessa Carter .