Pri[MA][MA]teria | 2009-Present 

...Ma...Mama...Madre...Mater...Matter...Material..The root of the varied words for the fabric of our physical existence speak to a collective “mother” source.

The archetype and the experience of “the mother” is a paradoxical and deeply complex origin point, anchored in the depths of our collective past and cyclically revisited in endlessly unique permutations through every human life born onto this planet. The ubiquity of this source material is inextricably entwined with our personal & collective knowledge of lived experience and in this way we each are linked.

If you peel back the layers that separate us from one another, at the very center lies a shared origin, a beginning inside the body of a woman, and while our experiences of and with this mythic woman vary greatly, the source point remains undeniably universal.

As one facet of a larger on-going project exploring the vastness of the Mother Archetype, I will be conducting a series of interviews, structured informally as conversations, in an effort to collect stories and experiences related to this mythic topic that will hopefully inform continued works and build cross-cultural bridges to understanding.

I welcome any and all individuals interested in sharing their personal experiences and perspectives surrounding the Archetype of the Mother, this includes not just individuals who identify as mothers but anyone and everyone with something to share on the topic.

I am specifically interested in speaking with people whose experience of this archetype is not reflected in commonly accepted/prevailing narratives:

Mothers of children whose lives and well-being are at risk due to racism, sexism, war or other forms of culturally perpetuated violence.

Mothers (or people who have parental figures) who identify as LGBTQIA.

Mothers (and/or their children) with physical or developmental disabilities.

Mothers who take alternative / non-traditional approaches to raising their children.

Non-western Mothers &/or the Children of Non-Western mothers.

Women who have had abortions as well as women who are active pro-Life proponents.

Women who have given birth to a child as a result of a rape.

Women who have given children up for adoption as well as adopted children and adoptive parents.

Women who have struggled with fertility issues.

Women who have been surrogates or egg donors.

Mothers who have been or are incarcerated.

Mothers who have been separated from their children.

People who have grown up without a Mother figure (or who have a non-traditional mother figure).

Single mothers raising children in strained financial situations.

If you are interested in participating please fill out THIS FORM