Selected Photography | 2016 -2021

These recent photographic works are 35mm film studies unmoored from any pre-meditated intention. Recalling hypnopompic illusions and the textural conundrum of synesthetic perceptions, the images emerge from intimate moments & ambulatory rituals as small portals to enigmatic realms.

Boboli Gardens Series|Firenze Italy|2021
effluviō|Palm Springs CA|2016  

Incandescente|Marfa TX|2020

An other way|Athens Greece|2021

Ascensus|Crete Greece|2019

Cavern Pool|Carlsbad New Mexico|2018

Cardinal phosphorus|Seattle WA|2016
Untitled|San Francisco CA|2016 

Passion Flowers|Los Angeles CA|2016

Untitled|Portland OR|2019

Untitled|Mexico City|2019
Untitled|Athens Greece|2021 

Untitled|Athens Greece|2021

Untitled|Mexico City|2019
Untitled|New York NY|2016

From a Double Exposure Portrait Series|Seattle WA|2016

Untitled|Seattle WA|2019

Untitled|Tulum Mexico|2016

Untitled|San Francisco CA|2019

Untitled|Athens Greece|2019

Boboli Gardens Series|Firenze Italy|2021
Palace of Fine Arts|San Francisco CA|2019

Consummate Interloper|Firenze|2021

Untitled|Mexico City|2019

Untitled|Merida Mexico|2016

Refreshments|Delphi Greece|2019

Untitled Double Exposure|Los Angeles|2016

Untitled Double Exposure|Mexico|2016

Untitled|Mexico City|2019

Chrissoskalitissa Monastery|Crete Greece|2019