Vessels for Enciphered Time | 2019

Installation of ceramic sculptures with accompanying film & sound score

From static origins
soft ambiguity emerges,
as in all creation myths
and yet, simultaneously

a varied amalgam of elemental vastness.

The stuff of teeth and blood
cave walls and volcanic calderas.

An enciphered testament
to inescapable cycles

and an indefinable positioning
along the short - sighted spectrum
of beginning —— end
plasticity — - rigidity.

For all things are formed from the remnants of something else.

Via vitrification :
The soft forms are frozen
by the heat of half a star

rapid - petrification
preserving a few fractions of a moment
when measured pressure
of forms against forms
molded into shape
a vague sliver of an intention
that, without intervening force,
will outlast any memory
of the hands that pulled the form forth.

Video & photo documentation by : kb Thomason

Audio composed with a base track genereated from Stephane Pigeons recordings of cave stalactites played with timpani beaters and features overlays of 7 ceramic bells and various field recordings.